PVC Vs Other Coating

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PVC Vs Other Coating

Hy-Grade could have coated its engineered steel roof shakes with anything or even nothing at all. An uncoated stainless steel shake is the premier, and most costly, roof shake possible. It would last forever and cost as much; which is simply out of most Canadian’s budget.

With unpainted out of the question, that leaves paint, grit/stone or PVC.


Hy-Grade steel roof shakes were painted at one point many years ago. Hy-Grade soon encountered a few issues with excessive fading, peeling (delamination), and cracking. Ontario’s temperature extremes are just too much for paint coatings. Metal expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations add too much stress to this coating. Hy-Grade resolved all of its painted roofs issues such that all customers were satisfied; so, be cautious of any painted metal roofs.


Stone or grit coatings are apparently for those who want to mimic the appearance of asphalt shingles. Along with holding on to water, mould and debris, stone/grit covered steel roofs have been shown to cause great issues to customers who bought them, the contractors who installed them and the manufacturers that made them. It’s believed the epoxy holding the stone/grit to the metal surface lets go due to UV radiation and/or the stress of metal expansion and contraction due to temperature extremes.


Have you ever noticed the coating on chain link fences or coating on the handles of hand tools? Those coatings are PVC, polyvinyl chloride. One thing you might have noticed, or can imagine, is the firm yet “rubbery” nature of this application of PVC, perfect to expand and contract right along with the metal of Hy-Grade’s engineered steel shakes during Ontario’s temperature extremes without cracking or peeling.

At 4 mils thick Hy-Grade’s PVC-based plastisol and Solano® coatings provide all the protection from UV rays, and the scratch – fade – chalk – peel – crack resistance, on its 26-gauge galvanized steel shakes, in seven perfect colours, to give its customers the peace-of-mind for decades with their worry-free, permanent steel roofing system.

Hy-Grade has been in business for over 33 years and we have learned our lesson through trial and error, so you don’t have to guess when it comes to what coating is best. Today, Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System uses a PVC-based coating, which for its permanent, engineered and customized steel roofing system provides the best longevity, looks and value.

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