Why a Hy-Grade

The Un-Matched, Indisputable, Most Trustworthy Warranty in Canada!

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Here’s Why Hy-Grade Has The Best Warranty In The Business:

The Company Behind the Warranty

To start, there’s a long-standing, trustworthy company backing the warranty. Hy-Grade’s been in business since 1988 under the same name and owner. That’s over 30 years; proving our commitment to growth and lasting quality! Here’s the real pledge…Hy-Grade has a family succession plan. We’re not just a business; Hy-Grade is a family legacy. Just like family, you can be sure that we will be here to honour your warranty for generations to come.

It’s Simple

Hy-Grade’s Steel Roofing System provides your home and family with protection from Ontario’s harsh weather conditions. Our 50 Year No-Leak and Lifetime Workmanship Warranty provides peace of mind; this will be the last roof you ever need to buy. With Hy-Grade, there’s no “fine print”, exclusions, exceptions, proration, or limits on transfers. Our warranty is simple because we truly stand behind the product we manufacture and sell!

Our Confidence

There are over 15 000 roofs on homes, cottages, and businesses all across Ontario, with warranties still in effect. Hy-Grade performs a separate quality control (QC) inspection on every project. An installation is not deemed complete until it has met or exceeded our HY-standards. That’s our guarantee that we can be confident enough to provide a warranty on your roof for the next 50 years! Read more about Hy-Grade’s Quality Control HERE.

The Product AND the Installation

Using high-quality Canadian Steel and coating, Hy-Grade Shakes are guaranteed against rust perforation for a minimum of 50 years. Hy-Grade uses a PVC-based coating that has elastic qualities to accommodate metal expansion and contraction. It is 4 mils thick to make it fade-resistant. Everything exposed to the sun’s UV rays will fade over time. Fade resistance is the key and our PVC-based coating accomplishes that.

Along with a carefully engineered top-quality product, you can also be sure we stand behind our workmanship. The lifetime workmanship warranty ensures that you are getting our highest quality of work, guaranteed for the lifetime of your Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System. We make certain that the installed system is top quality and our best work.

A Trustworthy Choice

That’s it! There’s no catch! We’ve perfected the system, remained open and honest with customers since the beginning, and continually prove our loyalty to you. We truly have the best product on the market and the best warranty to back up that belief.

Ask your local Roofing Consultant for more information, or schedule your no obligation consultation and quote today! Please call us at: 1-855-HY-GRADE (1-855-494-7233) or CLICK HERE.

Warranty Transfers

If you have purchased a home with a Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System and would like to request a warranty transfer, please click here to fill out our Warranty Transfer Form.