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The Hy-Grade Team

Your Local Roofing Consultants

Our Roofing Consultants are dedicated to providing you with all the accurate information required to make an informed decision about your roofing needs. Together, they have over 150 years of Roofing Consulting experience with Hy-Grade! Over the last 30 years, they have helped more than 15,000 homeowners achieve permanent peace-of-mind and are always ready to answer any questions you may have. Meet your local Roofing Consultant and have them provide you with a free, informative consultation and no-obligation quote today!
Our Roofing Consultant Team:
  • Gord Angus – Over 10 years of experience!
  • Steve Bakker – Over 10 years of experience!
  • Phil Boland
  • Doug Campbell
  • Rhonda Chuhran
  • Kevin Curran
  • Cliff Dawson
  • Sonny Dobrowolski
  • Stephan Grech
  • John Griffiths – Over 15 years of experience!
  • Csaba Grunner
  • Jeff Hayhoe
  • Jason Huffman
  • Alesh Jamsek
  • Leslie Jenkins
  • Greg Kloosterman
  • Greg Letourneau
  • Don L’Heureux
  • Mike Magliaro
  • Linda McCleery – Over 15 years of experience!
  • Rick Nobbs
  • Peter Stapylton
  • Doug Tate