The Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System is made out of Canadian steel, coming from Hamilton, Ontario. It’s 26 gauge (with “gauge” the lower the number the thicker the metal), galvanized (G-90) on both sides (so in effect G-180 or double galvanized), and coated in seven colours. 

We have found galvanized Canadian steel to be the overall best material for our premier, engineered steel roofing system. Steel from out of country can lead to many issues, the quality being the biggest. There is little guarantee on the exact gauge and treatment it received, which can then lead to coating issues. If the steel surface is not prepped properly, coatings can fail prematurely and there is no guarantee that the galvanizing will prevent rust. We are firm believers that supporting local business is not just the best way to operate but it keeps quality higher and puts money back into our Canadian economy.

Not any noisier than your current roof. We strap and install our materials over the existing shingles, creating an extra noise barrier. The strapping system creates a 6-8 cm gap between your existing roof and the Hy-Grade roof shakes. Along with providing important, energy-saving ventilation, the gap affords sound attenuation. Many Hy-Grade customers actually report less noise heard inside the house during rain and hail storms.

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A Hy-Grade Steel Roof is engineered to withstand all facets of Ontario’s harsh weather conditions. Our roofing system is very strong and durable. It’s made with 26-gauge, G-90 galvanized Canadian-made steel and coated with 4 mils thick PVC coating that’s elastic enough to expand and contract with the steel. Our system is tested to withstand sustained winds of up to 120 km/h. That’s hurricane-level winds! It will not crack, chip, peel or lift when struck by hail or heavy winds.

Steel roofs do not attract lightning any more than other roof types. In fact, should your Hy-Grade Roof be hit by lightning, it may be safer than traditional roofing materials. A steel roof is non-combustible, so it will not burn if struck by lightning.

In case of a fire that starts inside your home, a metal roof can help contain the fire and minimize structural damage. A metal roof is often more lightweight than other roofing materials like tile and asphalt shingles. If a fire inside the home reaches the attic, a lightweight roof can prevent roof cave-in.

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