Why Canadian Galvanized Steel…


The Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System could use aluminum, plastic, copper or stainless steel; however, we tried and tested each of these and found all except for one lacking in serious ways.

Aluminum is expensive and and not the strongest option; just think of a pop can. Plastic scratches too easily and would not last long through the elements of Canadian winters… or summers for that matter. Copper is also expensive and ends up looking very mottled and dull without frequent maintenance to upkeep the appeal.

After testing the other material options, we found galvanized Canadian-made steel to be the best overall material for its premier, engineered steel roofing system. If you’re interested in reading more information about steel roofs, click here.

So why don’t we purchase cheaper steel made in places like Europe or China, like many of our metal roofing competitors do? While that would earn us bigger profits and likely cost you less, it would only do so for a limited time. The quality of foreign-made steel fluctuates widely and it can be extremely difficult to ensure the same quality standards – especially internationally. Just your luck, should you happen to choose another metal roofing company that uses cheaper steel, and it is used on your roof. Now your roof might lose its coating, or begin to rust, or easily dent all because the company you chose went for profits over quality.

Hy-Grade installs over shingled roofs, but countless times we have installed over failing metal roofs too. Don’t fall for a lower price for inferior roofing material! Stainless steel is the best material for your roof but is prohibitively expensive for most people. That’s why we have simple and easy financing; giving everyone the option to have the absolute best material for your roof.

When we source our materials, we look in Ontario first, Canada second, North America third and the World fourth. It’s 26 gauge thick (with “gauge” the lower the number the thicker the metal), galvanized (G-90) on both sides (so in effect G-180), and coated in seven perfect PVC-based colours, which is 4 mils thick, not the 1 mil of the polyester paint used by some of its competitors. This ensures your permanent Hy-Grade steel roofing system will last well beyond the 50-year No Leak warranty and be the LAST roof you will ever need to buy.