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By March 3, 2017Why a Hy-Grade

Many people are under the impression that winter and snow mean ‘no-go’ for putting a new roof on their home, cottage and/or church. This just simply isn’t true—not with Hy-Grade’s permanent steel roofing system. Hy-Grade’s roof system goes right on top of your existing roof once we remove any snow. Nothing is exposed & nothing goes to the landfill.

Since we’re discussing metal roofing in the winter/snowy months and, after all, we do live in beautiful Canada – you may be interested to know that snow and ice will slide right off your new metal roof. First, this means no more worrying over the destructive effects of “ice damming” with proper attic insulation and ventilation.. Ice damming is caused when snow melts above the warm section of your roof, the water flows down until it hits the colder roof section and re-freezes. That occurring over time builds up “damn” ice. Secondly, due to our metal roofing system’s coating, snow & ice are shed quickly eliminating concerns about icicle buildup, which can tear off your gutters.

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