The “Miracle” Shake

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Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System could offer many different designs and styles of roofing: curved or scalloped, standing seam (“barn” steel), flat like shingles, or those that look like tile, slate, or cedar shakes. Then, Hy-Grade discovered what we call the “miracle dimensions” for steel roofing shakes. Taking into account the expansion and contraction all metal endures during heating and cooling, the debate was settled; we had found what we were looking for.

It’s the precise dimensions and shape that our steel shakes must be manufactured that allow for:

  1. Proper air ventilation
  2. Metal expansion and contraction
  3. Walking on (not on the ribs)

This design is unique to Hy-Grade!

Those precise dimensions create its unique fastening sockets. This allows the nails used during installation to be protected at all times and allows the shake to expand and contract without stressing the nails and eventually loosening them. Other metal roofs built WITHOUT its miracle dimensions are usually fastened with screws that tend to work themselves OUT over time due to how the shakes expand and contract with temperature extremes, and even overnight, along with constant pressure as the house settles. And screws are usually over tightened causing dimples and the screw heads eventually pop off. End result from using other designs, styles and screws: Leaks. And that definitely defeats the purpose of investing in a permanent steel roofing system.

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