Steel Roofing Vs. Shingles


After “renting” shingles one, or more (ouch!), times you’re obviously thinking about a permanent alternative. One of the best alternatives is a metal roof. Permanent steel roofing affords so many benefits over shingled roofing it has been said it’s in “no brainer” territory.


You might think a steel roof is heavier than shingles when in fact, most metal roofs weigh less than shingles on a pounds per square foot basis. A typical metal roof weighs 1.5 pounds per square foot while shingled roofs can weigh up to 5 pounds per square foot. This is why steel roofs can most often be installed over shingled roofs without adding stress to your roof structure. Steel roofs are:

Environmentally Friendly

Made typically from and with recycled steel, while also being recyclable, your steel roof is very ecological. Shingle recycling programs, while more prevalent than they once were, are not yet economically viable on a wide-spread basis and still require the costs to strip and transport. So your shingles will keep ending up in your local landfill and likely have to be disposed of further away once your local landfills are full. This leads to more emissions and waste pollution than necessary.


Metal roofs will usually last at least four times longer than shingled roofs and often times more than that. Just because you still see more shingled roofs on houses, and some even with new shingled roofs being installed, do NOT assume this is an indication of their reliability and permanence. The truth is, shingled roofs are deteriorating sooner and sooner and most assuredly before its warranty expires (see below). Because your metal roof surface isn’t affected by heat and sun like your shingled roof is, it will last decades longer.


Shingle warranties are one of the biggest scams today. Just google “shingles class action lawsuits”. Not to mention, if you aren’t a lawyer and try to read a shingle warranty you’ll find it difficult to understand with all the fine print. But that’s the point. You need to pay particular attention to the section on Exclusions as that’s where they hope to deny your warranty claim. Also, make note that the product “lifespan” and a “product defect” are not the same thing and that the warranty is not about deterioration – it’s about “defect”. Hy-Grade has been covering younger and younger shingled roofs year after year. “25-year” shingles are now lasting 7-8 years (and as few as 2-4 years when there is attic insulation/ventilation issues present). 30-40 year shingles are lasting 10-12 years; 50-year shingles…12-15 years and there are countless lawsuits over this fact. A steel roofing company worth your business has a warranty that covers workmanship and leakage due to rust perforation, and spells out what’s covered and what’s not in plain English. If you don’t get to see any warranty until after you’ve purchase the roof that is a huge red flag that it may not be everything it appears to be.

Curb Appeal – Resale Value

Have you ever tried to sell a house with a deteriorating shingled roof? Almost impossible. Someone who’s looking for their “new” house might keep driving by or at least negotiate with the roof replacement cost in mind. Compare that to your house with a permanent steel roof and it’s easy to see how you’ll sell your house for more money; as said by the Appraisal Institute of Canada, up to 75% more.

Not to mention, you’ll sell it faster. Imagine you’ve found your next dream home contingent on the sale of your current home, with a metal roof. Your prospective buyer finds houses similar to yours, and similar in asking price, but only yours has a metal roof. Now put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. Which house are you going to buy? The one with the permanent metal roof!

Learn more and visit our Searchable Gallery page for ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of Hy-Grade steel roofing systems and our Resources page for valuable and free downloads. The “no brainer” of the extra initial investment for anyone who cares about the performance, longevity, appearance, and value makes a permanent metal roof so worth it. You must be commended for doing the research to learn why more people like you are making steel the first choice for their last, and best, roof!

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