Installer Training

Why a Hy-Grade

Expertly-Trained, Customized Permanent Roofing Installation

The quality of your roof’s installation goes far beyond just what it looks like in the final outcome. After all, this roof is going to last you a lifetime.

It begins with training and certifying knowledgeable installers, not just “guys who can throw on the roof.” Our Hy-Grade independent roofing installers are trained not only for the highest quality in installation, but are also knowledgeable and professional team members who reinforce our image with the customer and public.

Installers Receive Customized, High-Level Training At Our Corporate Training Centre

The education our installers receive includes a combination of theoretical and practical training; in-house, in our onsite training facility, and on-house installing an actual roof on an actual customer’s house, with the support of a Hy-Grade training coach. Training also includes Measuring, Ventilation, General Roofing Knowledge, and Trouble-Shooting.

Before leaving the Hy-Grade Training Program as a Certified Installer, all participants are tested on both the knowledge and practical aspects of their training before installing actual Hy-Grade steel roofing systems. Installers are also given training updates as parts and installation processes are further perfected.

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