Our Advantage


Like the Cadbury Secret, Hy-Grade has become the industry leader because of its proprietary roofing system. Many have attempted, in vain, to imitate our permanent roofing solution because of its ability to successfully accommodate metal expansion and contraction.

Everything about our Hy-Grade roofing system is geared towards this significance, which is why we only have one perfected profile in seven colours – one sure to complement your house exterior. This is the only profile that won’t pull on the fasteners (Nails) over time.

Our next innovation conquered the challenge of durability of steel-colour coating. Here, we had to invent a process that would stand up to marring and scratching without it passing through to the metal below.

A PVC-based coating of four mils not only prevents penetration through to the metal shake underneath, it also allows for the metal’s expansion and contraction without peeling or cracking. Plus, damaging UV rays can only penetrate one mil leaving a minimum of three more mils of “No-Rust” protection.

Another important innovation solved the challenge of unlevel roofs. Our spruce wood strapping system levels any roof heaving or rolling. Customers can be assured that our system will deliver a beautiful transformation, proven to enhance curb-appeal and overall home value.

If you’re interested in seeing what a permanent Hy-Grade Steel Roof can do for your home, call and speak to us toll free at 1 (855) 494-7233 or fill out our online form here!