Happy Birthday Nailz!

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Hy-Grade – The “Turtle Roofing Company”

We’re often referred to as the “turtle roofing company” thanks to our mascot. Wondering why we picked a turtle? Read on

It’s our mascot’s Birthday! Nailz was “born” 8 years ago in 2011! We thought we’d share some info about Nailz with you on his special day.

Why did we pick a turtle (or tortoise, as Lance prefers) for our mascot?

Some species of turtles can live well over 100 years. During their lifetime; they are protected by one shell. This shell protects the turtle from all the elements it’ll endure within its climate.

Their shell is durable and will never have to be replaced. Each shell is custom to the turtle it protects. On the inside it’s made up of a system of bones that support the outer shell.

Some turtles also have the ability to expand and contract within their shells for safety while travelling. They are also known to be one of the most calculated and wise reptiles.

All of these attributes can also be used to describe a Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System. It’s a permanent solution that protects your most valuable possession, your home, from Ontario’s harsh climate and temperature changes.

Each roofing system is made custom to the home it’s installed on. It includes many engineered parts that create the long-lasting, durable finished product.

Our system allows for expansion and contraction during temperature variations and without wearing on the fasteners. Our 50 year warranty remains with the roofing system through unlimited transfers and travelling home owners.

Hy-Grade only carries one product, and that’s because it’s what is proven to work best in the environment we live in. 30 years of steel roofing experience makes us one of the oldest and wisest companies in the business and is one of the biggest reasons Hy-Grade is Ontario’s #1 Residential Steel Roofing Company!

Plus a turtle’s shell closely resembles the sharp look of our steel shakes, doesn’t it?

It was just simply the best choice for us! Just like a Hy-Grade is for you. Happy Birthday Nailz!

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