There’s only one engineered metal shingle design that meets our Hy-Standards, and that’s our Hy-Grade Steel Shake. It’s carefully engineered to precise dimensions that allow for expansion and contraction. As we know, all metal endures expansion and contraction during heating and cooling. In Ontario, our weather extremes between seasons and also between night and day mean rapid and repeated expansion and contraction on metal shingles. Our shake is designed with a unique fastening socket to work with our chosen fastener, nails. Together they endure this natural movement over and over again without failing, for a minimum of 50 years.

This metal shingle/shake design is unique to Hy-Grade and patented! The precise dimensions create its unique fastening sockets. This allows the nails to be protected at all times, and allows the shake to expand and contract without putting stress on the nails. Putting any stress on the fastener would eventually loosen them and result in leaks.
The Hy-Grade metal shingle is also designed carefully to still allow access to your roof if needed. Although we never recommend accessing your roof without proper safety precautions and under safe conditions, it is possible. This often comes in handy when doing any kind of work to other parts of your home such as a chimney or an addition. We do kindly ask that homeowners contact our Head Office before accessing their roof so that we may provide some basic instructions. Our service team may also be of assistance in some cases so as to avoid damaging the metal shingles and voiding your warranty.

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