Hy-Grade’s Quote Process


Hy-Grade’s Quote Process

So you’ve decided to take advantage of Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System’s free, cheerful and convenient, no-obligation roofing consultation, along with your quote to the penny (never a “guesstimate”), by filling out the online form or calling, toll free, 1 (855) HY-GRADE (1-855-494-7233).

Now what?

The Hy-Grade roofing consultant responsible for your area will contact you within 24 hours, and typically much sooner, to schedule a convenient day and time to visit you and your house. During the visit your Hy-Grade Roofing consultant will measure your roof – trained to be accomplished from the ground when the roof allows it.

During this visit, they may also present you with considerations and questions you need to consider to make sure you obtain the best deal for not only price, but also value for your home.

Your final investment amount is made up of things, such as:

  1. The pitch/slope/steepness of your roof
  2. The distance your roof and any roof sections are from the ground
  3. The number of hips, valleys, ridges, gables, and side and top end walls your roof has/requires
  4. The number of roof protrusions like vents, pipes, chimneys, skylights, etc., on your roof
  5. Any difficulties to access or work on your roof (e.g. is scaffolding or a lift required to install your roof?)

Keep in mind these criteria are unique to your roof and require a roofing system to properly address them all. (What costs are not included, in almost every case with a Hy-Grade permanent steel roofing system, is the labour to tear-off of your shingled roof and the fees to dump the roof debris in your local landfill.)

Your Hy-Grade roofing consultant may need to schedule a follow-up day/time to present you your quote to the penny. This allow them time if necessary to ask any questions they might have for Hy-Grade office personnel about your roof as each roof is unique, time required to prepare a customized quote and presentation, or if your spouse/significant other isn’t available during the first visit and your desire is for you both to be present, etc.

After you’ve determined the best deal is to invest in Hy-Grade’s engineered and customized roofing system, you’ll sign a contract representing terms and conditions specific to your roof and situation, for the price specified. You’ll provide the deposit referenced on the contract with your credit card, personal cheque, money order or, if you insist, cash. Your roofing consultant will then present your signed contract, deposit, all supporting documents, calculations, and house/roof photos to Hy-Grade. Once Hy-Grade receives your information; your roofing consultant is notified. They then notify you that you have been placed in the installation que and thus begins the short wait your permanent cure for roofing shingle.

For more information about Hy-Grade’s permanent steel roofing solution,or to schedule your No Cost—No Obligation roofing consultation,
please call us TODAY at 1-855-494-7233 or fill out our online form.