Everything expands and contracts when the temperature changes, especially metal.

The Hy-Grade shake is made out of galvanized steel and was designed to be fastened with a smooth shank galvanized nail. Notice both the Hy-Grade shakes and fasteners are galvanized, not two different metals. This eliminates the possibility of the metals oxidizing or corroding over time as all dissimilar metals eventually do over a long enough time period.

Hy-Grade Steel Shake sample

The socket in the shake allows the metal to Expand and Contract in all directions around the fastener without pulling on the fastener, which over time would otherwise work it loose. All parts of the Hy-Grade system are designed to allow for Expansion and Contraction as well to prevent loosening of the fasteners.

We use nails over screws as it's the fastener designed to work best with our system. In the same placement a screw would hold materials in place too tightly and fight against this natural movement. Over time, this would work the screw loose or work holes in the metal where it's fastened. Learn more about why we use nails HERE.

Hy-Grade’s proven and perfected system comes in one design; and one design only! Since 1988 our system has proven its amazing expansion and contraction qualities in Ontario’s temperature extremes. Never once has Hy-Grade been called back for a popped fastener.

It’s simply the design that works best!