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Energy Savings

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With proper insulation and ventilation, a Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System can make heating your home in winter and cooling it in the summer much more efficient. This can help save you money on your energy bills!

Here is an example of a customer who noticed a reduction in his air conditioner’s energy use while we were installing his new Hy-Grade Roof!

“Check out my AC run times. Install started on Monday. On Tuesday the back south side was done and Wednesday the rest was completed. See the reduction of operation %. Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday were all the same temperature. You can see the reduction ‎with the new roof.” – Hy-Grade Customer in Brantford, ON

This roof was installed on July 25-27, 2016 and the temperature outside was around 30 degrees Celsius each day of the installation. Below is a chart showing the temperature in Brantford for each of the dates shown on the Air Conditioning Usage screen:

This photo shows the air conditioning operation %. The final 3 days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are during installation:

Just one of the many benefits of a Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System.

For a free, no obligation consultation and quote to start saving on your energy bills, CLICK HERE!

This is the completed Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System:


A Hy-Grade Customer’s Letter of Recommendation

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My name is Alex MacEachern. My wife and I live at 11 Blue Heron Dr. in Mono,ON (Orangeville area). After years of repairing shingles we decided to put a steel roof on and be done with roof problems.We chose Hy-Grade and here’s why:

After looking into the steel roof industry Hy-Grade seemed to have those important qualities we were looking for. Product quality. A strong track record with customer satisfaction. Installation expertise. A meaningful guarantee.

We made the right choice. Everything went as smooth as possible. You should see our house now. (Drive by someday)

In addition to the obvious benefits I had not even thought of the incredible feeling of satisfaction we now have.

Some other points:

  1. Our insurance was actually REDUCED.
  2. When it rains (we have had some massive downpours) the sound is no more noticeable than with shingles.
  3. Neighbors keep commenting on the beauty of the house.
  4. Rhonda (our Roofing Consultant) was terrific. No high pressure, assisted with financing, answered all or questions and stayed connected until the job was completed.

In closing let me say that I highly recommend Hy-Grade.

I am NOT being paid for this letter. It’s a pleasure to write it.

Alex MacEachern

(photos to come)

Earn Referral Rewards

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Notice: Our updated referral program has taken effect as of May 1st, 2017, and as announced April 15th, 2017. 

We wanted to be able to reward even more valued customers for their kind referrals! There are now even more chances to receive a reward. Details are below.

Being A Member Of The Hy-Grade Family Has Its Rewards

Earn Referral Rewards

In order to qualify for Referral Rewards, the referrer must submit the referree’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) to Hy-Grade by calling our office or emailing referrals@hygraderoofing.com. The referee must be a NEW customer to Hy-Grade and cannot have purchased a Hy-Grade Roof previously.

When the Referee purchases from Hy-Grade, has their installation completed and paid in full, Hy-Grade will reward the Referrer with $100.

For every referee that purchases the referrer’s name will be entered into a draw to win an ADDITIONAL $300!! There are two draws per year:

  • May Draw – Receives entries from December through May, the draw will take place on the first business day in June.
  • November Draw – Receives entries from June through November, the draw will take place on the first business day in December.

The Referrer’s name will be entered into the next available draw when the referrees roof has been installed and paid in full. For example if the Referree’s roof is completed in April, the referrer will be entered into the May draw.



Referrer’s will also receive 1 entry per qualified referral into our Thank You draw to win a prize of $100, even if the referee didn’t purchase from Hy-Grade. Referrer’s will be entered into the applicable draw at the time they submit the Referree’s information.

There are two draws per year,

  • August Thank You Prize – receives entries from March through August, draw will take place on first business day in September
  • February Thank You Prize – receives entries from September through February, draw will take place on first business day in March

Charitable Donation

If you’d like to donate your Qualified Referral Reward to a charitable or non-profit organization, religious organization, school, youth and sports association, etc. just let us know who to make the donation to when you send us the NAP of your referee. Upon completion of the installation and payment in full, a $100 donation will be made to your chosen organization on your behalf!

Organization must be approved by Hy-Grade. Referral Reward program terms and conditions apply. 

September 7th, 2018


All qualified referrals, between May 1st, 2018 and August 31st, 2018, were pooled together and a winner was randomly drawn for the prize of $100!

We are excited to announce the winner of our August Thank You Prize Draw, Cora M. from Burford, ON!

Congratulations Cora and thank you very much for your referral 🙂 -The Hy-Grade Team

Expansion & Contraction

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E & C = Expansion & Contraction


This is what... banner

blank nailz pointing (two eyes, no sunglasses, lowered arm)

Hy-Grade Fastening Socket

Everything expands and contracts when the temperature changes, especially metal.

The Hy-Grade shake is made out of galvanized steel and was designed to be fastened with a smooth shank galvanized nail. Notice both the Hy-Grade shakes and fasteners are galvanized, not two different metals. This eliminates the possibility of the metals oxidizing or corroding over time as all dissimilar metals eventually do over a long enough time period.

The socket in the shake allows the metal to Expand and Contract in all directions around the fastener without pulling on the fastener, which over time would otherwise work it loose. All parts of the Hy-Grade system are designed to allow for Expansion and Contraction as well to prevent loosening of the fasteners.

Hy-Grade’s proven and perfected system comes in one design; and one design only! Since 1988 our system has proven its amazing expansion and contraction qualities in Ontario’s temperature extremes. Never once has Hy-Grade been called back for a popped fastener.

It’s simply the design that works best!

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steel roofing

Benefits Of Steel Roofing

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If you have pulled broken shingle parts from your gutter, you have probably thought about finding an alternative material for your roof. Shingles have seemingly been around forever, and many people do not know that there are more options for what you use to cover your house. If you are looking for a roofing contractor in Ontario to replace a handful of broken shingles, there are a few reasons to ask about switching to steel roofing.

Environmentally Friendly

More often than not, metal roofs are made from recycled materials, which can be recycled again if and when the roof needs to be replaced. Other shingles are composed of various substances that have nowhere to go but a dumpster once they are ripped off your house. Steel roofs also last much longer than shingles, at least 4 times longer, so they are more eco-friendly.


Since metal roofing is more durable than regular shingles, it is easy to receive a good warranty on the product. It is also easier to determine the source of damage when the product is not a composite of different materials, so your roofing contractor can be very clear as to what the warranty covers. This is not always the case with traditional, flimsy shingles.

Home Value

As steel roofs become more popular, they help to increase the value of your home. More and more prospective buyers are willing to spend a little extra for a roof that is durable and permanent, whereas a house with old shingles can have a significantly lower resale value. If you can increase the worth of your home by paying for new roofing that you need anyway, you might as well go for it.

Once you find a roofing contractor in Ontario who can replace your old shingles, ask what option they think will be best for you. Chances are they will advise you to go with steel roofing, and you would be wise to listen to them.

Myths About Metal Roofing

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Myths About Metal Roofing:

Myths About Metal Roofing

If you’re thinking, Hy-Grade has heard it all regarding the myths about permanent metal roofing after having been in business since 1988, you’d be right. We have. And here’s just a few of the more common myths we hear:

  • it will rust
  • you can’t walk on it
  • it attracts lightening
  • It’s too noisy when it rains
  • it’s vulnerable to high winds
  • it will make my house hotter
  • And the biggest myth we hear almost every day… “I can’t afford it!”

The source of most of these myths is outdated information and memories. Unfortunately, when too many people think about steel roofing to solve their roof problems, this is what they recall: standing seam metal also known as “barn steel”….

Hy-Grade’s unique shake design, made exclusively for Ontario’s temperature extremes, doesn’t resemble or perform like this “barn steel”. It’s made to last for many generations. Now, let’s dispel these myths…

#1 Too Noisy When It Rains…

With Hy-Grade’s steel roofing system and its wood strapping that’s attached to your roof deck, there’s a 2-3 inch gap between the deck and the steel shakes. Along with providing self-ventilation, this gap affords sound attenuation.

“…It was one of my concerns with this type of roof, whether it would make more noise during rainfall… but in actual fact, I would say it makes less noise”.

-Father Martin Vallely (formerly of) Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Kitchener, ON.

#2 It Attracts Lightning…

We often remove lightning rods from roofs, and have no need to re-install them. This is because the Hy-Grade steel roof is not “grounded,” nor is it combustible. Moreover, lightning is attracted to the highest point around. But even if that’s your roof, Hy-Grade’s metal roof dissipates any electrical charge if struck by lightning, which you wouldn’t even know if it was except maybe due to the thunderclap.

#3 You Can’t Walk On It…

It’s true you probably can’t walk on some metal roofs like aluminum, they’re just too thin. Hy-Grade’s metal roof shake is designed with ribs at the end of which are the unique fastening sockets. These ribs, which you should NOT walk on, provide strength for the flat areas in between them. Extreme care should be taken when walking on a Hy-Grade roof. If the roof is too steep, OR it’s wet, it is best to stay off.

#4 It’s Vulnerable To High Winds…

Myths About High Winds

Hy-Grade’s warranty covers sustained winds that approach hurricane strength. The way Hy-Grade’s shakes are attached to the wood strapping system creates downward forces that resist lifting. The large upper center window in the house (to the left) was blown out by extreme winds caused by wind shear directly off of Lake Huron. But not a single Hy-Grade steel shake was lifted… plus Hy-Grade warrants its roofs to 120 kpm sustained winds. That’s just under Category 1 hurricane force sustained winds.

#5 It Will Make My House Hotter…

According to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Energy: Buildings Technology Program, conducted at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee Hy-Grade’s use of “Above Sheathing Ventilation” (ASV), as created by its double wood strapping system, can save up to 30% on your annual energy bills. Even Hy-Grade black coloured shakes afford as much seasonal cooling load as so called “cool colour” metal attached directly to the roof deck even through a membrane. Moreover, any company that claims their roof is Energy Star rated in Canada is mistaken at best and completely deceptive at worst as no roofs in Canada are eligible for Energy Star.

And The Biggie…#6…I Can’t Afford It…

This couldn’t be further from the truth. For those of you who have purchased asphalt roofs before, you know how their useful lives have grown shorter: Your first asphalt roof might have lasted 40+ years. We strap over shingled roofs as few as 5 years old on a routine basis, much to the dismay of the owners who thought they bought a “30-year” shingle. Click here to learn more about this.

With the average life now of around 12 years, you’ll buy four asphalt roofs before your Hy-Grade warranty even expires, and that’s about half of what we believe its effective life will be. Multiply the cost of asphalt by four, or more, and you’ll quickly determine a steel roofing system from Hy-Grade makes the most affordable choice… your 1st choice for your last roof.

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