The Hy-Grade Experience

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The Deline’s Story


Installation Date: April 14th, 2014

City: Niagara Falls, Ontario

March 23rd, 2017

We knew we were going to be needing a new roof so my husband began talking to different contractors while he was out working at different job sites.  Many roofers were telling him that in our climate traditional shingles don’t seem to hold up like they used to.  We could be expecting to redo our roof again as we were set to retire, something my husband wasn’t terribly excited about cost-wise.  Several of them were telling him that they thought steel was the smart way to go.  We started to look on line and that’s when we found Hy-Grade!  We liked what we saw, and were impressed with Hy-Grade’s materials & methods and knew this was the way to go!  Many of the steel roofs you see are on much larger homes than ours so we were hoping it wouldn’t look silly on our tiny house!

It was like it was meant to be because shortly after deciding we wanted to do this Hy-Grade’s Anniversary flyer came in our mailbox.  It was like we were being told, yes, do it now! We called and someone was here to talk with us in short order!  The consultant that came to our home was wonderful.  Not only was he really easy to talk to, he showed us photos of his own home which wasn’t a whole lot bigger than ours, which looked fabulous, so that took any of our concerns away.  He thoroughly laid everything out to us, brought a sample of the steel shake and explained exactly how things worked.  He was incredibly patient as we went back and forth between us deciding on a final colour!  To us it was important as this was it, a forever roof, no changing it later!  😉

Since it was right before spring we expected to have to wait to have our roof done, but since our roof was deemed to be in need of doing asap, we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly we received the call that we were next! Just as it was explained to us, supplies were delivered to our driveway when we were told they’d be here.  The two installers arrived the next day.  Very nice, quiet guys who worked amazingly well together.  They knew what they were doing and were extremely efficient at it!   They realized they were going to be short on supplies so they made the call right away to have more stuff delivered.  It was here within a day & they came back on a Sunday to finish our roof!  Not only did they do a fast efficient job, but their attention to detail on the finishing really impressed us!  It was clear that they took great pride in their work!  They did a very thorough clean up before leaving.  There was nothing left that we needed to do other than admire the finished product!   We have people who walk by and notice the roof.  Sometimes they’ll stop and ask us about it. We are more than happy to tell them who did it.  😃

All in all I would have to say our experience with Hy Grade was wonderful from start to finish!

We are quick to offer Hy-Grade up to anyone who mentions they need their roof done.  When anyone says they’re worried about the cost, we always say we believe it’s less than having your roof done the traditional way twice, at current prices, and you can be sure you’ll need to do it at least twice!

I just love how our roof looks now.  Living in an older home, things settle & dip here & there.  With the way Hy-Grade installs, we have a beautiful level roof with a gorgeous finish, which still looks as good today as it did when we had it done 3 years ago!

Since we’ve had our roof done we’ve experienced some nasty weather.  High winds, heavy rainfalls, extremely cold and snowy winters and our roof has held up beautifully.  It gives you such a feeling of security when the weather is terrible that you have a solid roof protecting your home.

-Bobbi Deline


Earn Referral Rewards

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Notice: Our updated referral program has taken effect as of May 1st, 2017, and as announced April 15th, 2017. 

We wanted to be able to reward even more valued customers for their kind referrals! There are now even more chances to receive a reward. Details are below.

Being A Member Of The Hy-Grade Family Has Its Rewards

Earn Referral Rewards

In order to qualify for Referral Rewards, the referrer must submit the referree’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) to Hy-Grade by calling our office or emailing

When the Referee purchases from Hy-Grade, has their installation completed and paid in full, Hy-Grade will reward the Referrer with $100.

For every referee that purchases the referrer’s name will be entered into a draw to win an ADDITIONAL $300!! There are two draws per year:

  • May Draw – Receives entries from December through May, the draw will take place on the first business day in June.
  • November Draw – Receives entries from June through November, the draw will take place on the first business day in December.

The Referrer’s name will be entered into the next available draw when the referrees roof has been installed and paid in full. For example if the Referree’s roof is completed in April, the referrer will be entered into the May draw.



Referrer’s will also receive 1 entry per qualified referral into our Thank You draw to win a prize of $100, even if the referee didn’t purchase from Hy-Grade. Referrer’s will be entered into the applicable draw at the time they submit the Referree’s information.

There are two draws per year,

  • August Thank You Prize – receives entries from March through August, draw will take place on first business day in September
  • February Thank You Prize – receives entries from September through February, draw will take place on first business day in March

Charitable Donation

If you’d like to donate your Qualified Referral Reward to a charitable or non-profit organization, religious organization, school, youth and sports association, etc. just let us know who to make the donation to when you send us the NAP of your referee. Upon completion of the installation and payment in full, a $100 donation will be made to your chosen organization on your behalf!

Organization must be approved by Hy-Grade. Referral Reward program terms and conditions apply. 

Hy-Grade Sponsorships

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Through many sponsorships and donations Hy-Grade is dedicated to providing support to the communities in which we live and work, all across Ontario. Read about some of our latest community involvements through Hy-Grade Sponsorships below!

2017 Hy-Grade Steel Roofing Canadian Masters Curling Championship

20170330 Masters Logo

Hy-Grade is very excited to be the title sponsor of the 2017 Canadian Masters Curling Championship! The week-long event from April 2nd – 9th, will be held in our hometown at the Guelph Curling Club! This event features 60+ Masters Men & Women curlers competing to earn the prestigious title of ‘Canadian Champions’. Athletes from all across Canada qualify for the Hy-Grade Steel Roofing Canadian Masters Curling Championships by winning their respective Provincial or Territorial Championships. Like the Brier and the Scotties these Champions wear their provincial colours as they compete against the rest of Canada.

Hy-Grade began it’s ties with the curling community through sponsorship of Team Flaxey this year. With the Canadian Masters Curling Championship being in our hometown, we couldn’t help but support one of our favourite sports in the community. We are excited to pariticipate in the upcoming events!

For more event details and to purchase tickets visit the website here:

Check out the 2017 Hy-Grade Steel Roofing Canadian Masters Curling Championships in the news! Click on the pictures to read the full articles

Inside Guelph Video

Our Facebook Photo Album

Guelph Curling Club Event Photos


Waterloo Region Record                                                                                        Guelph Mercury Tribune

20170330 Guelph Mercury Tribune Snapshot 20170330 Waterloo Record Snapshot

Canada’s Big Roof Sale

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Hy-Grade is celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday!

Request your quote today

Now is the perfect time to purchase a permanent Hy-Grade Steel Roof

  • $150 off every $1000.
  • GREAT FINANCING OPTIONS: Monthly payments as low as $49 bi-weekly, OAC.

Canada’s Big Roof Sale terms & conditions…

Roofs quoted by Hy-Grade prior to March 28, 2017 or after July 1, 2017 are NOT eligible for the Canada’s Big Roof Sale discount.

$150 off every $1000

  • Hy-Grade roofing consultants have our “manufacturer’s suggested retail price” (MSRP), the best price for the value provided. Each roofing consultant has the ability to reduce your price by $150 for every $1000.
  • Your contract must be signed within ten (10) days of the quote date for discount to apply.
  • Canada’s big Roof Sale will be based on the size of the Hy-Grade steel roofing system quoted for your premises specified at the time of contract signing.
  • Roof consultation (appointment) must be set with your roofing consultant prior to July 1, 2017.
  • Once a pricing discount is applied, the customer agrees to allow Hy-Grade to install its permanent steel roofing system at the time of its choosing including winter months.
  • This promotion may not be combined with any other Hy-Grade offer, program , discount, sale or promotion.

Request your quote today


  • Financing options are from leading lending institutions at very competitive interest rates with up to 100% financed less a small deposit. There are “no interest – no payment” options and all loans are open, which means they can be paid off anytime without penalty. All financing is based on approved credit (OAC).
  • Your financed monthly payment, as low as $49 bi-weekly, is dependent upon the interest rate, loan term, and total amount to be financed.

20170328-0701 Canada Sale Flyer Cropped_Page_120170328-0701 Canada Sale Flyer Cropped_Page_2

Expansion & Contraction

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E & C = Expansion & Contraction


This is what... banner

blank nailz pointing (two eyes, no sunglasses, lowered arm)

Hy-Grade Fastening Socket

Everything expands and contracts when the temperature changes, especially metal.

The Hy-Grade shake is made out of galvanized steel and was designed to be fastened with a smooth shank galvanized nail. Notice both the Hy-Grade shakes and fasteners are galvanized, not two different metals. This eliminates the possibility of the metals oxidizing or corroding over time as all dissimilar metals eventually do over a long enough time period.

The socket in the shake allows the metal to Expand and Contract in all directions around the fastener without pulling on the fastener, which over time would otherwise work it loose. All parts of the Hy-Grade system are designed to allow for Expansion and Contraction as well to prevent loosening of the fasteners.

Hy-Grade’s proven and perfected system comes in one design; and one design only! Since 1988 our system has proven its amazing expansion and contraction qualities in Ontario’s temperature extremes. Never once has Hy-Grade been called back for a popped fastener.

It’s simply the design that works best!

Request a Quote

20170327 E & C Promo Pic - Small

(Click on the picture above to learn more about our current promotion)

Hy-Grade’s HomeStars Review Contest

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Janice in Little Current!!!!

Janice has won a $100 Dinner and a Movie Prize for a fun night out on Hy-Grade!!! Watch the video on our Facebook page of the official draw 
Thank you to all our Hy-Grade Family members for participating! Stay updated for the announcement of our next chance to win!

Janice’s Hy-Grade Review:
“We had our roof installed almost 2 years ago and I could not be happier. They made sure everything was square and true, and the guys where friendly and personable. There was never a mess left. I would recommend this roof to anyone thinking about replacing their shingles. Thank you so much you are awesome. Was very glad to see your booth at the lindsay home show. Keep up the great work”



We are running an exciting new contest for all our customers! We love hearing about how we served you and what you think of your Hy-Grade Steel Roof. That’s why we’ve put together a contest to connect with you!

From March 13th – April 30th

Leave us a review on our HomeStars page here: and be entered into a draw to win a Dinner and a Movie Prize worth $100!!!

Be sure to leave your name and city on the review, which we will have on file. That way we can find you if you win!

As a bonus, share this post to your own Facebook page and tag us @HyGradeSteelRoofing to receive 4 extra entries!


Full Contest Rules

  1. Review must be uploaded after 12:01am March 13th 2017 and before 11:59pm April 30th 2017
  2. Entrant’s full name and city must accompany the review and match Hy-Grade’s records. No anonymous reviews will be entered into the draw.
  3. Entrant must be a Hy-Grade customer with accounts paid in full.
  4. Gift card prize worth $100. Details to be announced.
  5. If entrant shares the original Hy-Grade contest post to their personal Facebook page and tags @HyGradeSteelRoofing, they will get an additional 4 entries entered into the draw.
  6. Winner will be drawn during business hours on May 1st
  7. Odds of winning depend on number of entrants.

We Work Winters

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Many people are under the impression that winter and snow mean ‘no-go’ for putting a new roof on their home, cottage and/or church. This just simply isn’t true—not with Hy-Grade’s permanent steel roofing system. Hy-Grade’s roof system goes right on top of your existing roof once we remove any snow. Nothing is exposed & nothing goes to the landfill.

Since we’re discussing metal roofing in the winter/snowy months and, after all, we do live in beautiful Canada – you may be interested to know that snow and ice will slide right off your new metal roof. First, this means no more worrying over the destructive effects of “ice damming” with proper attic insulation and ventilation.. Ice damming is caused when snow melts above the warm section of your roof, the water flows down until it hits the colder roof section and re-freezes. That occurring over time builds up “damn” ice. Secondly, due to our metal roofing system’s coating, snow & ice are shed quickly eliminating concerns about icicle buildup, which can tear off your gutters.

For more information about the Hy-Grade Steel Permanent Roofing Solution, or to schedule your No Cost—No Obligation Assessment, please call us at: 1-855-HY-GRADE 1-(855)-494-7233 today.


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The Un-Matched, Indisputable, Most Comprehensive Warranty in Canada!

Here’s Why Hy-Grade Has The Best Warranty In The Business:

Scaled Image IMGP0279To start, there’s a long-lasting, trustworthy company standing behind the warranty. Hy-Grade’s been in business since 1988 under the same name and same owner. That’s 28 years! Longer than almost all other roofing companies! That proves commitment to growth and lasting quality. Here’s the real kicker…Hy-Grade has a family succession plan. Hy-Grade’s not just a business, it’s a legacy. You can be sure that we will be here to honour your warranty for generations to come.

Hy-Grade’s Steel Roofing System provides your home and family with protection from the elements. Our 50 Year No-Leak and Lifetime Workmanship Warranty provides you with the assurance that this will be the last roof you ever need to buy! With Hy-Grade, there’s no warranty “fine print”, exclusions, exceptions, prorations, or limits on transfers. We stand behind the product we manufacture and sell!

There are over 14 000 roofs on homes, cottages, businesses and places of worship, all across Ontario, with warranties still in effect. Hy-Grade performs a quality control (QC) inspection on every single project. Any installation issues that may arise are dealt with promptly. That’s why the installed and completed system is the best steel roof available!

Hy-Grade Steel Shakes are guaranteed against rust perforation for a minimum of 50 years, so you have peace of mind that your roof will not leak. The lifetime workmanship warranty also ensures that you are getting our highest quality of work, guaranteed for the lifetime of your Hy-Grade Steel Roofing System. We make certain that the installed system is top quality and our best work.

Hy-Grade uses a PVC-based coating that has elastic qualities to accommodate metal expansion and contraction, and it is 4 mils thick to make it extremely fade-resistant. Everything exposed to the sun’s UV rays will fade over time, regardless of what some other companies may deem “fade-proof”. Fade resistance is the key and our PVC-based coating accomplishes that.

That’s it! There’s no catch! We’ve perfected the system, have remained open and honest with customers since the beginning, and continually prove our loyalty to you. We truly have the best product on the market and the best warranty to back up our belief.

For more information about the Hy-Grade Steel Permanent Roofing Solution, or to schedule your No Cost—No Obligation Assessment, please call us at: 1-855-ROOF-CURE today or request a quote online here: Request a Quote Form.

Career Opportunities

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The industry is growing by the minute and Hy-Grade Steel Roofing is leading the way. Join our team of highly motivated, skilled and dedicated associates and employees to be part of the steel roofing movement here in Ontario.

Raising The Bar:

Hy-Grade is dedicated to ensuring that our Employees, Sales and Installation teams are the best in the field. We offer a vast amount of industry specific training for every position within the company, with our very own full time trainer and training facility located in Guelph, Ontario.

Location: Where there is a roof there is a way! Hy-Grade covers Ontario, so no matter where you live opportunity awaits.

Unleash your potential and join us today, here’s how:

How to Apply:

Send cover letter and resume via
Send via fax: 519-837-2228, attention: Recruitment

Current Opportunities

Installation Crews Needed in Eastern and Southern Ontario.

We provide full training and continuous coaching, deliver to the job site and provide work year round to our installation crews.

What you need:

  • HST number
  • Liab Insurance
  • WSIB
  • A crew of 3 – 4 people
  • Truck and Tools
  • Working at Heights for all of your employees
  • Full Training Provided

Project Trainer Needed

The Project Trainer is responsible for training all new installation teams and roofing consultants on the technical and company knowledge needed for them to be successful

Roofing Sales Consultant Needed

Roofing Consultants network, contact leads, provide quotes, answer questions that the customer may have, prepare paperwork for sales (contract/drawing/quote etc) and maintain relationships with customers.

Roofing Service Technicians Needed 

We are looking for two candidates to join our team in the service department. The position includes completing service work on existing roofs and carrying out quality control inspections on newly completed roofs.

How to Apply:

Send cover letter and resume via
Send via fax: 519-837-2228, attention: Recruitment

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hy-Grade Steel Roofing is committed to providing accessible employment practices that are in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). If you require accommodation for disability during any stage of the recruitment process, please notify the Human Resources department.



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It’s Not What We Say About Ourselves…
But What Our Customers Say
About Us That Matters


Hy-Grade Steel Roofing Reviews

J. Sutherland

Owen Sound, Ontario

“These guys are FANTASTIC!!!. We had a roof installed by Hygrade in 2008. Recently we had a problem (no fault of hygrade) our chimney that we never use now and was built into the roof fell down. I contacted Lance in customer service on Tuesday morning and by Wednesday afternoon the installers were at the house and repaired the roof to the point you would not even know there was ever a chimney there. We are extremely happy with the product and their service 9 years after the install. Recommend Hygrade to anyone. WAY TO GO LANCE!!!!”

S. Rumis

Guelph, Ontario

“We chose a Hy-Grade metal roofing system because of the quality of their product, their great reputation, workmanship and the warranty.”


J. Recce

Milton, Ontario

“I am very impressed with the way the roof was prepared before the steel roofing was installed and the product being Canadian.”

S. Hutchinson

Oshawa, Ontario

“It is unfortunate that I have read one or two people that were not happy with their Hy-Grade roof. However, the response from Hy-Grade affirms the commitment this company has to it’s customers and we have experienced this first hand. It took us over a year to finally make the decision and during that time, I researched, compared and asked questions, visited other homes with Hy-Grade roofs and spoke with the homeowners.  Once the commitment was made, we couldn’t be happier.  This is our first winter with the new roof and with the high winds, snow and ice that 2016/2017 winter brought we were secure knowing that our shingles were not going to blow off, that the snow and ice were not going to ice dam like we had with our old roof. All the neighbours admire the high quality and it transformed the look of our home. We know for the next 50 years (or longer) the roof is something we will never have to address again. In addition, we have the assurance knowing that if we do have a problem it only takes a phone call to the office and someone will help us. I want to thank our sales representative for being so patient and answering all of our endless questions, Ted you were awesome.  The crew that showed up to our home were courteous, neat and efficient, any questions that we had they were able to answer. The office staff have always been customer service orientated and friendly, you really do get a sense that they are family. We are happy becoming part of the Hy-Grade family, and understand that as in any family if there are troubles, we trust that they will be there to support and care for us.”

G. Sander

Orleans, Ontario

“The Sales Rep was very knowledgeable about the product, great follow up.”

L. Hachey

Kinmount, Ontario

“We are completely satisfied with our steel roof. It looks great!”

P. Kleinjan

West Lorne, Ontario

“We are very proud of our new roof and very pleased with Hy-Grade.”

B. Drummond

Owen Sound, Ontario

“I found Hy-Grade to be an exceptional company to deal with.”

R. Lee

St. Catharines, Ontario

“We are extremely pleased with our decision to have the Hy-Grade metal roofing system installed on our home. We continue to receive compliments from local residents and neighbours. It looks beautiful and suits our home very well.”

A. McPherson

London, Ontario

“The crew was beyond exceptional!”

 M. Young

Kitchener, Ontario

“Thank you to the Salesman. Everything went exactly as stated in the contract and the time line was met. Thank you once again for a very professional job.”

D. Johnston

Mitchell, Ontario

“We are very pleased with our Hy-Grade roof. The Installation leader and his crew were exceptional and left our yard in a clean condition.”

F. Kelly

London, Ontario

“Installation crew was friendly and efficient, and property was cleaned up quickly. It was nice to see a follow up visit by the Quality Control person.”

K. Dawdy

Cambridge, Ontario

“We had a great sales representative who was very accommodating and knowledgeable.”

J. Vanstone

Mississauga Ontario

“Just a short note to comment on the new Hy-Grade metal roof that was installed at our cottage in Severn Bridge – We are very happy with the look and the workmanship, thanks for a job well done.”

M. Mazan

Chatham, Ontario

“The quality of the materials used, the workmanship, and the choice of colours available were totally to our satisfaction.”

C. Anderson

Mississauga, Ontario

“From the time we met your Sales Representative we have had nothing but a great experience with your company and would have no problems recommending you to others at any time!”

J. Vedora

Fonthill, Ontario

“We have had lots of compliments about the roof. A neighbour is also putting a Hy-Grade system on.”